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Non-governmental organization «New Wave for Happy Future» (with offical website at «») — an independent Ukrainian GLBT organization and news agency that specializes on exclusive news of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered life in Kherson, Ukraine and other Ukrainian cities and on information support by analytical commentaries on speeches representatives of LGBT elite, the main GLBT events in Kherson and the rest of the country. Own analyzes, author investigative journalism, exclusive interview. — in real time produces 17 feeds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The agency generally produces more than 200 news daily for own site and on request of leading GLBT sites of Ukraine such as,, and National GLBT Portal of Ukraine ( — information company with 100 percent private capital, founded by a group of GLBT professionals in information technology, information and media consulting. — Center for Analysis and processing of GLBT, social, economic, medical and political information. produces a number of information products of different types and frequency (from daily to weekly). — personal information consulting, crisis consulting, creation and use of various information and communication technologies, information strategies, content analysis, information auditing, analytics, information and “turnkey” PR-campaigns using their own media hall and technical base of video and audio production.

Successful running of information service provides a team of well-known GLBT journalists who have high professional reputation and significant experience working with domestic and international media, leading experts, politicians, representatives of the Ukrainian GLBT elite, such as Viktor Korotkov, Inga Frolova, Pavel Bessonov, Vadim Belotserkovsky, etc.

The main principle of our work — absolute independence, impartiality, serving only verified information from primary sources. We do not support the interests of any party, corporation, exclude the possibility of propaganda and manipulation by consumer opinion of our information. We work for better standards of global information and GLBT journalism.

Team «New Wave for Happy Future» is absolutely convinced — «Awareness of GLBT people unites the world.»